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Potential New Members

  • Names of new members may be supplied by any member of the choir.

  • The conductor or manager is to speak to each prospective new member before they attend a practice session, either in person or by phone, to ascertain that person’s interest in joining the choir and to explain the following:-

    • The philosophy/background of the choir

    • Expectations of members of the choir with regard to:-

      • commitment to attend practices and performances

      • preparedness to spend time at home to learn or review music

      • places of practice

      • dress for performances

      • provision of music

      • supper after practices


    • A trial period of 3–4 weeks before considering the commitment to join

    • Attend a minimum of 4 practices before participating in a performance

    • Look at songs that are familiar to the rest of the choir at home, in order to avoid our having to spend too much time on them at practice

    • Be prepared to travel to attend practices.

You are our ‘guest’ as far as suppers are concerned during the trial period.