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Choir Membership

Although preference may be given to members of the Cornish Association of South Australia, or to people with a Cornish heritage, membership is open to anyone who is sympathetic to Cornish traditions, and enjoys and is capable of singing in harmony and is prepared to accept the guidelines as set out in the membership guide.

The balance of numbers in each section of the choir will be monitored by the conductor.


Other than the conductor, who has the main responsibility for selecting the music the choir performs, other choir members assist with organisational aspects.

As at 2015:

  • the conducting role is shared by Chris Opie and John Mayfield

  • the choir is managed by Margaret Johnson, who is responsible for making bookings for performances and for liaising with venues as needed

  • the choir’s library of purchased and donated music is looked after by Jan Lokan, who also oversees the choir’s fund for music purchases and other expenses.


A fee is charged at the beginning of each season, to cover a percentage of the rent for practices (with the remainder paid by CASA) and basic supplies for the after-practice suppers. The fee can vary, but as at February 2015 it is $25 per person per season.