The choir first began in the mid 1990s when a group of people in the Cornish Association of South Australia (CASA), who enjoyed singing, got together to put on a Christmas concert for the other society members.

Since then, it has grown both in numbers and standard of performances to the present, where we are able to provide a programme of a high standard to groups within the community, including church groups, retirement villages, hostels and nursing homes – in fact for anyone who would like to hear us sing.

We provide a varied programme including many Cornish songs and carols, as well as well-known and well loved golden oldies, and more modern songs interspersed with individual and small group artists, both vocal and instrumental.

Regular commitments are our involvement in the bi-ennial Cornish festival – The Kernewek Lowender – held in May in the Copper triangle and an annual Christmas concert in early December at the Rosefield Uniting Church, Highgate.


Choir Membership

Although preference may be given to members of the Cornish Association of South Australia, or to people with a Cornish heritage, membership is open to anyone who is sympathetic to Cornish traditions, and enjoys and is capable of singing in harmony and is prepared to accept the guidelines as set out in the membership guide. …

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Choir Practice

Practices are held weekly for a few months at the beginning of the year, and again for a few months at the end of the year, with a mid-year ‘winter’ break of approximately three months. Each of these practice periods constitutes a ‘season’. The number of practice periods in a season is determined by the …

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All music purchased by the Association is supplied, and remains its property. Choristers are responsible for the care of the music issued to them by the Association. Copies are to be named (in pencil) on the front of EACH copy. Pencil markings only may be made on the music. At the end of each season …

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Potential New Members

Names of new members may be supplied by any member of the choir. The conductor or manager is to speak to each prospective new member before they attend a practice session, either in person or by phone, to ascertain that person’s interest in joining the choir and to explain the following:- The philosophy/background of the …

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